Table of Contents

This “Table of Contents”  for “Cycling, Sailing and Surviving in the Texas Hill Country” will ultimately contain a vast, or at least short, list of some of the better  posts I have done.  They are categorized as I see fit (not in time or alphabetical order).   

The purpose of creating this “index” is to see if I can get a few friends and family off their sitters and out exercising as an alternative to sitting around waiting to die.  I hate having to make new friends so get off your duffs and stay with me a while!    

Enjoy, even have a good laugh at my expense and check back for updates.

Epic Cycling Rides

  101.5 Hilly Miles to Junction! (October 2011) 

  The Fort Davis Scenic Loop – 78 miles, lots of it was vertical  (March 2011)

  The Real Ale Ride – 65 miles (may 2011)

  Four Geezers ride to celebrate 2 birthdays – 83mi (March 2011)

Fun Cycling Rides

  Sometimes things just don’t work out… they are way better – ( Feb. 2010) 

  A Flatlander meets the Texas Hill Country… in July!  (July 2010 )

 To Walden Plantation for a gourmet burger, then back- 55mi. (November 2011)

  A couple of Tandem-riding Cheeseheads come to play– 42 mi. (October 2011)

  The Great Cherokee Burger Raid and other stuff – 55mi (September 2011)

Videos of high speed descents

  Descent of The Beast of Texas Park Road 4!

  Third Big Descent on the Fort Davis Scenic Loop (used brakes a bunch!) 

  Burnet County Road 342 – the steep one!


    Teaching a 4 year-old girl to love sailing – (July 2010) 

  The First (hopefully) Annual Buchanan Sunfish Regatta – (September 2011)

  2011 Austin YC Centerboard Regatta – 40mph winds!  – (September 2011)

Off-road cycling

  Converting a sorry trike into an awesome Sand Trike (January 2012)


Other stuff 


12 responses to “Table of Contents

  1. Well done!

  2. Don…nice web site. I am doing some work for John Rose who is the Snipe Class wooden boat historian, trying to get info on the old Snipe Fleet at LWSC. I also would like to know the hull number of your Snipe for John’s records. If you have contact info for anyone at LWSC will yiou let me know?

    • Grey,

      We had several Snipes over the years. The ones I can recall hull numbers for we 11611, 19261 (the boat which I found at LWSC year before last… unfortunately it was destroyed in a grass fire in 2011 at LWSC.

      For a contact there, try jennifer and Bob Crow at ,

      • Don, I have vertigo and am thinking of switching to a recumbent. Any advice? I’d like to discuss with you. We met at Tour de Longnecks. Doug Miller

      • Doug,

        Good to hear from you. Do recall your wife to be Theresa and y’all are from Kansas, and living in Horseshoe Bay?

        I recommend Catrike brand. The dealer in Austin is Easy Street Recumbents. THEY carry several brands but they just don’t go, or handle like a Catrike. I ride a Catrike 700 these days and love it. I have something around 12k miles on it. Prior to it, I put 7k miles on the Catrike Road that I rode back when you rode with you.

        You can reach me at 830-265-7526 or dpbynum@gmail.Com .


      • Doug,

        To clarify… Easy Street carries Catrike as well as the others.

  3. hey don when is the tour the longneques?

  4. don – – I am looking for some tall mirrors or mirror extensions for my cat expedition, I liked what was on your cat, where they handmade or were you able to purchase them?

    • Dan,

      I have used two different mirrors over time. Both required some mods to work well on a Catrike. If the mirror you are seeing is round I don,t recommend it because with spacers added to extend it, the original plastic pieces break after a few hundred miles of rough pavement, cattleguards and bridge expansion joints. What i am using now, and much more pleased with are oval shaped and can be found at Performance Bike. It is a Blackburn Mountain Mirror. i make two simple mods to this product:

      1 – prior to inserting the end into my bar end, i apply some black marine adhesive sealant to the inside of the bar the insert and tighten the mounting. and,
      2 – I then unscrew the ball joint which attaches the mirror head too its mounting and place a small rubber o-ring on the bearing surface of the ball the put a dab of that back marine adhesive sealant on the ball right in the middle where it will get squished out around the o-ring just a little when I screw the cuff of the ball joint back on.

      Then I sit in riding position and adjust the mirror while both places with the sealant are still wet. Then let it sit overnight. the ball joint will remain moveable, but with much better friction and the bar end connection should set up hard.

      The adhesive sealant that seems to hold up best is a West Marine product. It is expensive and the whole tube usually spoils within a few days of being opened, so do all you are gonna do at once. Dow also makes a good adhesive, but get the marine version… most boat stores will have something like it. the non-marine products that i have tried seem to get brittle and crumble up very quickly.

      I hope this helps.

  5. Hi Don! We are working on a book about the history of the TI99 computer and would like to talk with you about your days at TI. Could you please contact me?

    Randy Kindig
    Host Floppy Days Podcast

  6. Sorry my contact info is



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