Two days and two really fun rides

Wednesday afternoon, with the temperature about 70 degrees F ( I think it may be measured in furlongs in Europe) under clear blue skies, Peggy and I got out and did a 6 mile meander through several nearby neighborhoods. We went slow and enjoyed the sightseeing.  I love riding with Peggy.  It just makes me feel good.

Today (Thursday), I rode the 17-1/2 miles over to Llano to meet a friend I had not seen in 29 years. Mark Belcher and I worked at a small computer start-up back in 1984 and had not had any contact since until recently when I tracked me down via Linked-In on the internet. Mark was in the area for some vacation time with his sister and her family and suggested that we have lunch, so I agreed, picking… wait for it… yes! The Berry Street Bakery in Llano.

Mark Belcher and I had some laughs and a great lunch at The Berry Street Bakery in Llano.

Mark Belcher and I had some laughs and a great lunch at The Berry Street Bakery in Llano.

We spent two hours catching up on 29 years of our two lives and having a couple of serious laughs at the expense of a couple of previous coworkers.

Afterwards I rode back to Lake Buchanan, taking my time to enjoy the flurry of emerging wildflower activity brought on by a recent downpour. 

Tomorrow 3-4 of us cycling geezerfolk will ride over to Llano for lunch at… wait for it… YES!  The Berry Street Bakery! 

It is really nice to be getting out and riding after a very slow month of February.  I guess not that many 69 year guys fret over only riding 150 miles in a month. 

Life is pretty good.

I am beginning to hanker for a Cherokee Burger and some Miss Sue’s Sweet Tea so there is a 67 mile ride in my near future.  That will help!


4 responses to “Two days and two really fun rides

  1. Phyllis Terry

    It’s definitely cycling weather! I am glad to know the recent rains has started the wildflowers to bloom. I rode two days in a row near my house. A bakery in New Braunfels hosts half off treats to cyclists arriving by bike on Wednesday nights. I had a quiche and a brownie. My roundtrip was 18 miles and well worth it!

  2. Looking forward to riding with the gang soon! Hope you and your wife have a good weekend. 🙂

    • Yup. We are all up for bringing along a new participant. Peggy and I wound up rescuing John and Molly today. We got into heavy rain on 29 west of 1431 so we went back up 261 and out 2241 and found them a mile or so east of Lone Grove. We loaded them up and headed for their place and got into rain very quickly. We were glad for rain and they were glad to not be RIDING in it.

  3. Sarah_Blanche

    I was wondering how their ride back went; I’m glad you were able to give them a lift. I rode to Fredericksburg with some friends shortly after 1pm and it was raining pretty hard at that point. See you soon. 🙂

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