Cycling – Tour de Longneques 28 July 2012

On the morning of July 28, 2012 sixteen seriously deranged folks mounted-up and headed off into the Texas summer to make the 36 mile ride from the “so weird it makes Austin look normal” community of Castell eastwards on FM152 to the Llano Courthouse Square and back.  As is the custom, many partook of a curative soak in the Llano afterwards as well as pouring carbs in the form of Lone Star Longnecks down their parched gullets, chowing down on some of Victor’s outstanding brisket, and then resting and watching the show that Castell usually provides on a hot Saturday afternoon (and it did not disappoint!).

 Following below is a gallery of pictures, or maybe a slide show (WordPress is sometimes mysterious), taken before, during and after the ride.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  One of the first-time participants has already posted his impressions and a few pictures on his blog.  Be sure to visit Bikenoob’s blog for a well written recount of a day on the famous Tour de Longneques!

I am sure there will be another TdL in the next 3 months. You might not want to miss it.


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