Cycling – Tour de Longneques – Announcing October Edition

A new post, recounting the Octber Tour de Longneques is in the works.  Should be up on the blog late today. (don)

The Tour de Longneques October Edition is this Saturday.

Rumors abound that there will be a good turnout. As a reminder, it is not an “organized ride”. Just a bunch of cyclists get together and go for a very nice/fun/relaxed ride ending up with a soak in the Llano river, a couple of Lone Star Longnecks, and some BBQ.

Survivors of The August Tour de Longneques......From left: David Nantz, Tom Collins, Gil Jones, Don Bynum, Eric Brewster, Doug Miller

 This time we are doing something a little different. Rather than everyone starting out in Llano, riding to Castell and doing the Llano/Longnecks/BBQ drill and some then riding back to Llano on a full stomach while others load up and head on in cars with the bikes/trikes/unicycles/whatever dangling behind, we are having two routes (over the same road).

1- The faster/long-ride capable folks will start at Castell at 9am and ride to Llano and back (36 mile round trip). Those taking this route should be capable of averaging 14-15 mph to be able to finish around the time the folks on the shorter route get to Castell.

2- The not yet faster/long-ride capable (or inclined) will start from Llano at 9:30 and ride to Castell (18 miles) with the two groups hopefully overlapping by the time they both get to Castell. 

Then we have a soak in the Llano River’s gentle rapids, lubricate our innards with a Long Neck or two, and have some serious Texan nourishment in the form of BBQ brisket.  Last time I checked, the general store was charging $2 for Lonestars, somewhat more for other beers and $5/pound for brisket.  They supply a plate, some pickles, bread and sauce to go with the brisket. We will have a couple of pickups cruising the route in case anyone breaks down and can give riders who just do the Llano to Castell route a ride back to Llano after the doin’s to get their car and come back to get their bike/trike/unicycle or whatever they rode.  We have done this in July (Hotter than The Blistering Hinges of Hell ), August (even hotter), September (A little hot) and now in October (forecast to be low 80’s, not much chance of rain).  We will most likely not do it again until sometime in the Spring, so this is the time to come join us this year.   In September we had, in addition to a bunch of 2-wheelers (one of which was a recumbent), three Catrikes.

The road is chip and seal but not a bother and in good condition. There are no hills of even “one-puke” rating, much less any of what we, in the Hill Country consider to be actual hills, so flat-landers should survive the ride easily. At age 66, and at 215 pounds, I do on my Catrike Road, so it is a not difficult ride if you do the one way and it is just longer if you do the round trip route. Family members/friends/whatevers who do not cycle can sit in the shade at the Castell General Store, explore the historic Llano courthouse square, soak in the Llano at Castell, rent a kayak at Castell and go splash around, or wander around exploring the beautiful western half of Llano County while we do our peddling thing. Sometimes, somebody even turns up with delicious Bloody Marys at the Castell Store, while others are cycling, or so I am told.

If you want to join us but need to drive into the area Friday night and need a place to stay there are a wide range of choices available from cheap to chique. Let me know if you need some guidance on that.

I have had a few more Tour de Longneques T-shirts made up and will have them available for $12 (my cost, I just do this because several people have requested a shirt like the ones I had made up for the original group back in August) after the ride.

Links to posts on previous Tours de Longneques:

My first ride of the route and introduction to the uniquely Texan adventure that is Castell these days (just me)

July (just 2 riders)

August ( 6 riders)

September ( 12 Riders)

Don Bynum


7 responses to “Cycling – Tour de Longneques – Announcing October Edition

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  2. William Wicker

    Thanks for putting together (and publicizing) a great ride. Had a great time. Greatly enjoyed the company, scenery, brisket, and the weather. (Maybe not strictly in that order)

    The ride back to Llano was much easier than the ride to Castell. I think it’s because we were going downhill more often and had some brisket stowed as ballast to help make the descents faster…

    There was even some excitement at the end as we realized that the afternoon rain was closer behind us than we though. It started raining just minutes after we got back to the truck! Now that’s drama! (And also how an indicator of how slow we are)

  3. William,

    Thanks for coming up for the ride. You are right that you are going downhill towards Llano and … you had a quartering tailwind, a big help also. There is a net 200 foot drop from Castell to the courthouse square in Llano. Glad y’all made it to the truck before the rain. I will get a post up about the ride tomorrow (I hope) but would like to email a picture to you of the table y’all were at to be sure I have everyone’s names. That will be in an hour or so (if I last). Thanks again for riding with the group. It makes it way more fun to have a bunch of riders, particularly while we are in Castell doin’ the important stuff.

  4. great ride and company, it is easier heading to llano but the wind was killer on the way back to castell but still good

  5. Bob,

    The 200 foot drop plus the wind (and being the start of the ride) made the ride to LLano easier. Conversly the 200 foot net climb, 18-20 mph headwind and being 18 miles into the ride as we started back all conspired to make the return to Castell “challenging”.

    That said, you made the whole 36.2 miles in just a bit over the time it took you to make half of that same ride 6 weeks earlier. That is impressive improvement!


  6. thans don that was the furthest ride i have ever done on the trike

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